Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jammin' in the Trades

(Left to right Sherry Smith, Vivian Farell, BJ Caldwell, Sean Doyle, Alex Farell, not pictured Ronnie Simpson)  Photo Credit- Max Moosmann

We are Jammin’ in the trades were the words from Sean Doyle in the latest update. “ We’ve got the breeze at 20 knots out of 25 degrees and at this moment are surfing along 13 knots” “It great  to finally have the kite up- still a little tight for the A-1 so we are charging along with the A-3 at present.” “We have had it up since last night although the angles are not what we want, we have been picking up the pace and have taken a few miles out of our competitors since we put the kite up.”

The last few days have been very frustrating aboard “Alpha Puppy”, light wind, and getting water-lined to death by some of the larger boats.  Sean commented, “The good news is we still in touch with our competitors after fighting the waterline war since the start. Our conditions have finally arrived, now all we need is a touch more breeze. So far a bit of a yawn, but the good stuff is arriving!”

Alpha Puppy is still having email connectivity issues and hopes to have them worked out in the next few days...

 “AP” has an eclectic and experienced group of sailors on board, including solo circumnavigator, BJ Caldwell, Sailing Anarchy’s own Ronnie Simpson, (and yes, he did inspect the keel bolts prior to departure!) Sean Doyle, skipper of the Transpac’s record holder aboard “On the Edge of Destiny” in the youngest crew member category, rounds out the youthful rock star portion of the crew.  The balance of the crew consists of Bay area sailors, Sherry Smith, and owners Alex and Vivian Farell.

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