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Transpac Report 07-05-11

Transpac Report  07-05-11
Alpha Puppy is off with a Snarl…

 (left to right Sherry Smith, Vivian Fagrel, BJ Caldwell, Sean Doyle, Alex Farell, not pictured Ronnie Simpson) 
                                                                                                                          Photo Credit- Max  Moosmann 
Alpha Puppy,  The turboed 1D35 is off and running. After narrowly making the start due to an engine cooling problem, Alpha Puppy arrived in the starting area, motor blazing just minutes prior to the warning signal. “Aloha Puppy” as the Honolulu committee has dubbed her, is now in first place in division six, as of the latest Yellow Brick tracking reports.

The Crew…
“AP” has an eclectic and experienced group of sailors on board, including solo circumnavigator, BJ Caldwell, Sailing Anarchy’s own Ronnie Simpson, (and yes, he did inspect the keel bolts prior to departure!) Sean Doyle, skipper of the the Transpac’s record holder aboard “On the Edge of Destiny” in the youngest crew member category, rounds out the youthful rock star portion of the crew.  The balance of the crew consists of Bay area sailors extraordinaire, Sherry Smith, and owners Alex Farrell and Vivian Fagrell.
Alpha Puppy will be providing daily updates from the sailors on board throughout the race…. the Puppy is on the loose!

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