Saturday, July 16, 2011

Transpac Report 07-16-11 Headed for the Barn...

Breeze On!

Ronnie Simposon driving, BJ Caldwell trimming

In an early sat call this AM, according to crew member Sherry Smith, the crew was “grinning ear to ear, as Alpha Puppy is finally  gobbling up the miles.” The mood aboard AP was decidedly upbeat this morning; the lures were pulled in as AP lost a few more strikes today. As Smith pointed out, “We are just going to damn fast!”  

Skipper Alex Farell said “We passed (the First 40) ‘NAOS’ just a mile off their beam in the early hours today. It’s good to finally have them behind us. Unfortunately we are running out of real estate, and all of this makes the last jibe into Makapuu an important tactical consideration, however the bad news is,  not having the stealth of the previous 6 hour delay telegraphs, any decision we make.”

The top speed of 18.6 knots during this latest party, was laid down by solo circumnavigator BJ Caldwell. “We are hoping the Molokai channel has more in store for us” Caldwell said.  

Skipper Farell reported “that wind speeds are in the steady 18’s and at 20 we are surfing well but colliding in to the waves in front, while at 21 knots we surf uninhibited, we are hoping for increased breeze on the final jibe into Honolulu.”

Alpha Puppy is currently out 150 NM and is expected to finish at 06:07 Sunday morning.

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