Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mahi, Rainbows, Squalls and WIND!

Transpac Report  07-14-11

Rainbow on the horizon, fish on the lure and wind!

The mood aboard AP was decidedly upbeat this morning as the catspaws morphed into dogspaws.  The “Puppy” began to find her legs as the wind built to a steady 15 knots. “The wind was a welcome relief,” said owner Alex Farrell.  It wasn’t such a relief, however, for one unsuspecting Mahi-mahi.  As we took off on a wave we had a strike, however at 12 knots the boat and mahi soon parted company.

Ronnie Simpson commented, “ Just as we are about to kill one another, the wind began to pick up and we were finding a consistent 15 knots. Last night’s squalls were just what the doctor ordered;  we had breezes in low 20’s at the height of it,  we were able to connect the dots and keep things moving ‘like a hungry man at a buffet’ throughout the squall lines.”  While the breeze has picked up, it is still looking like this will be one of the lighter Tranpacs in recent years. The untypically lighter breezes have even had an influence on the squalls, as the squall breezes were lighter than normal, but welcome none the less”  

For a boat that wants wind and surfing conditions, this isn’t going to go down in history as the optimal race for the crew. The “Pups” continue to look forward to the channel, and the always windy Koko Head – Diamond Head sprint to the finish.

Alpha Puppy is presently at 24.53 N  147.46 W and 595 miles out of Honolulu
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