Sunday, July 10, 2011

Transpac Report  07-10-11
Surfing by Braille…
                                           “Alpha Puppy” pre-Transpac

Surfing by Braille was the mantra last night aboard “Alpha Puppy” according to owner Vivian Farell. Husband and co-owner Alex Farrell and Sean Doyle split the helm duties on what was a very windy pitch, black night. “We had breeze in the solid 20-25 knot range and solid, 10-14 knot boat speed, with surges above 18 knots” according to Vivian Farell.  “Alpha Puppy” the fleets third smallest boat, posted gains on competitors thorough out the windy night.

Disaster Diverted.
Yesterday afternoon “Alpha Puppy’s” water maker packed it in. After the first attempt at solving the problem yielded negative results, the team began discussing a worst case scenario solution. Looking at diverting to CA and comparing that with continuing at the higher speeds to Hawaii, neither seemed a viable solution given the water on board combined with the need to rehydrate freeze dried food. Fortunately, the soon to be thirsty crew ferreted out a solution and got the water maker producing at capacity.

 While the team relished in that victory, the moved on to the communication problems that have plagued them from the start, and Alpha Puppy now has plenty of water, and complete communications for the first time since the start.

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