Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Transpac Report  07-12-11
Mutiny on the Puppy…

Ronnie Simpson up the rig for maintenance and no doubt looking for wind…  
Mutiny on the puppy? We jest of course, however according to owner Alex Farell there was a healthy discussion on board last night about heading south. The “puppies” have had a rough go of it right from the beginning.  Farell expressed the frustrations they have had since the start. “First I was working on the jammed cooling system for the boat right up to our 5 min warning, we weren’t even sure we get it fixed to allow charging.” However Farell repaired, and buttoned things up just in time for the gun. “The next gremlins were the problems with communications, no ability to email for days, no weather. It really did make it sailing by Braille for the first three or four days. Were that not enough, the water maker shut down and there was obviously a big potentially race ending concern. (since repaired) Everyone pulled together and we have been able to fix anything that has gone wrong so far to date. The crew has been tremendous, not only MacGuyvering at the expense of sleep but sailing as hard as they can the entire time. Add that to the stress of the light wind and it’s enough to make anyone crazy. The crew remains in high spirits, and are we are only 1 hour 48 minutes corrected from the podium."
Presently AP is about 895 miles out of Honolulu

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