Monday, July 11, 2011

Transpac Report 07-11-11

Searching for the Southern Cross…

Pre-halfway party- Left  to right: BJ Caldwell, Sean Doyle, Sherry Smith, Ronnie Simpson, Alex Ferrell, (not shown, Vivian Farell)  
Ronnie Simpson checks in this morning with this report: “All is well this morning, although we’d give our eye-teeth to be further south this morning. We’d love to jibe outta here, but it would ultimately be too painful.”  Ronnie commented, “We’ll be looking for our ‘Southern Cross’,  in the mean time, we’ve made our bed  and have to make the best of it for the time being.  We are currently seeing 10-15 knot breezes and sailing about 245 degrees with boat speeds of 8-12 knots, not the stuff we need. We are going  deep and slow at the moment but it’s the only option, going any further north is death”

Simpson reported, “Its still wide open, it’s still anyone’s race with over one thousand miles to go, but the guys that are going to be tough to catch, are on that damn Hobie 33. Looking at the corrected time deltas, there are just a few hours of corrected time to make up, overall I think we can do it. Once again though, the Hobie will be the toughest as we’ve got ten hours to pull out of them and they are going well. We did have our first small squall last night, the breeze kicked up to 23 knots which was a nice change from the lighter stuff we’ve been seeing, even if it was only a brief time”

Alpha Puppy reports all is well with the water maker, they have stored an extra 15 gallons or so in addition to the emergency stores they already have.   

Ronnie has recently completed the Singlehanded Transpac, and sailed the return to California, the last 600 miles without a keel. For more about Ronnie, see:

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