Friday, July 15, 2011

Transpac Report  07-15-11
Alpha Puppy, Nothing Heard… Bella Becomes the Lady of the Ball.

Bella Mente, First to Finish, Barn door Winner…

Nothing heard from the Alpha Puppy crew today as they no doubt were strongly focused on trying to take some time out of their competitors today. Times have improved with the 18 knot breezes they are seeing today. They appear to be setting up for a jaunt north for their final jibe into Honolulu.

 Ignoring the TPYC ETA’s which are rarely accurate until inside the 100 mile marker, the AP crew should be at the finish line at around 0700 Hours on Sunday.

Big congratulations to the Bella Mente boys as their apparent photo finish tuned into a romp over Magnitude 80, as they split north and came screaming in on the headed jibe to Makapuu. While just hours earlier, the DTG between the barn door challengers was a scant 3 miles, the boys on Bella sealed the deal with a 3 hour finish in front of Mags 80.

Look no further than right here, tomorrow for the final report, as AP heads into Honolulu.    
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