Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Transpac Report 07-13-11

The Puppy is Barking for Breeze…

In a morning sat phone call to the “puppies”, the crew sounded like they found two cases of Red Bull in the bilge and had consumed them all. Ronnie Simpson tried to order pizza and beer for the crew, “not for the finish, but now!”

Spirits were high on board today, but the underlying frustration of bringing a knife to gun fight prevails.  Crew member Sherry Smith commented “its tough being on a planing boat with a rating influenced by surfing ability  and not being able to surf, it’s downright frustrating; it turns things into a waterline  race once again.”  The crew has been jibing on every shift, and according to owner Farell, "are working hard with total focus." However as crewmember Sean Doyle commented, “We are sailing our asses off 24 hours a day, trying to nurse every ounce of speed out of the boat, unfortunately there is only so much you can do with 10-12 knots of winds speed.”

Owner Vivian Farell categorized the last 24 hours as “uneventful” however “felt like fresh showers and the addition of the MacGuyvered staysail rig helped keep the boat smiling.”

Alpha Puppy is presently at 25.9 N  145.36 W  and 745 miles out of Honolulu

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